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Bryson Tiller – Canceled

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After getting remixes from Bryson TillerCanceled

Having revisited our speakers with SZA‘s Normal Girl and Tory Lanez’s Leaning remixes, we became more convinced that Bryson Tiller is picking up his music game once again.

Canceled produced by Hunga, is about the musician coming to terms with how much he hurt someone he cared about, and how much it pains him to see she’s moved on from him after everything they had been through.

Quotable Lyrics:

Called and got no answer
Wrote this fvckin’ anthem, alert you like it’s amber (like amber)
Distress to my damsel
But she say I’m canceled
I just got back in touch with her
Used to talk a lot, used to down to ride
I can’t do this hi and bye
Don’t see eye to eye but I know that we got time
To fix it, we not blind
Don’t know what I’m implyin’
I’m missin’ my friend dyin’
Without you, I been tryin’
These b!tches, they been wack

DOWNLOAD MP3 Bryson Tiller Canceled

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