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Chris Brown Under Review For Rape Charges: Report

Lowell Grissom Jr. is now on LAPD”s radar.
Chris Brown found himself in some hot water over the past week. The singer Chris Brown Under Review For Rape Charges: Report was sued after a woman shared details of being raped in his home. However, it’s Breezy’s friend, Lowell Grissom Jr., who’s being accused of raping the woman. He’s denied all allegations and said that Gloria Allred’s case against him is simply a money grab. In addition, he also claimed that this is a lousy attempt for Allred to exploit her client for financial gain. Despite this, a new report claims that he’s under the LAPD’s radar for the rape case.

Lowell Grissom Jr. is now under review for the alleged rape of an anonymous woman that happened at Chris Brown ‘s house, TMZ reports. Their sources from law enforcement say the LAPD has already sent the case to the District Attorney’s office. The LAPD has reportedly wrapped up their investigation. However, it’s also reported that the evidence is scarce and they’re going to have a difficult time determining there was a lack of consensual sex. The report has still been sent to the D.A. and they will end up making the last call on the charges.

Despite the drama that’s gone on in the past week, Chris Brown Under Review For Rape Charges: Report nor his team have responded to the allegations. We’ll keep you posted on anymore updates that goes on with this case.

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