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Cops Use Tear Gas on Crowd at XXXTentacion Memorial

XXXTentacion Memorial

XXXTentacion Memorial service in Los Angeles held on Tuesday night for rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot to death in Florida on Monday, erupted in a scene of chaos. The Los Angeles Times reports that a crowd of 1,000 people descended on the Fairfax area, without a permit, to pay tribute to the rapper, blocking traffic and eventually becoming rowdy. According to reports, fans formed mosh pits, jumped off of roofs, and swarmed news vehicles. Police in riot gear were brought in to disperse the crowds, ultimately firing rubber bullets and tear gas after some fans reportedly threw rocks at them. At least one person was injured; no arrests were made. On Instagram, the woman XXXTentacion allegedly abused said that she was “kicked out” of the rapper’s vigil and that the items she left in remembrance were burned; it’s unclear if this occurred at the same Los Angeles memorial or a separate vigil in Florida. “He would’ve wanted me there,” she wrote. “I have no fucking words.”

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