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Dj Akademiks Give More Information About XXXTentacion Death

Dj Akademiks Give More Information About XXXTentacion Death

DJ Akademiks Give  More Report About XXXTentacion’s Murder

DJ Akademiks has shared some more details regarding XXXTentacion’s murder.

Following the arrest of one of XXXTentacion’s suspects this week, Dedrick W. Williams, more details have surfaced online Friday night about how the armed robbery went down.

DJ Akademiks reportedly got his hands on the police report on Friday and hopped on Twitter/Youtube to explain what happened in detail. Ak said that the culprits went to the store and bought masks and gloves and waited for X to leave to block him in and rob him. And when he wouldn’t give up the money they shot and killed him, then took the money, which was in the bag, and fled. Ak also added the guy who was arrested wasn’t the shooter, but rather he stayed back in the car to block X in.

Lastly, AK said that there was a video camera that caught the whole thing on tape. However that video has yet to surface, but fans are dying to see it.

The story is pretty “chilling” as AK says, and you can read it for yourself below. RIP X. We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.

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