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Gucci Mane Visit His Friend Kevin Gates [Hood Legend]

Gucci Mane Visit His Friend Kevin Gates [Hood Legend]

Gucci Mane Pays Homage To Fellow “Hood Legend” Kevin Gates

“Guwop and Gates” meet for the 1st time ever.
Gucci Mane jumped on Instagram to pronounce his friend Kevin Gates a fellow “Hood Legend.” The post included a caption saying as much, and a touching photo of the two rappers sharing an embrace. In a sense, the Gucci Mane referral acts like a veritable co-sign for rap fans who were led astray when Kevin Gates disappeared for over a year.

The photo encapsulates an emotionally charged the two rappers arranged yesterday. They met in an abandoned chapel, likely the scene of a music video, for the first time ever, having respected one another’s artistry and general disposition from a distance. The proceedings were then posted online by a staffer handling Gucci Mane’s social media presence.

After living through so much hardship, Kevin Gates seemed eager to speak with a like-minded person who shared his experience of incarceration, and the process of renewal that follows thereafter. Kevin Gates recently reacted positively to another rapper shouting his name. During his inaugural appearance on the Breakfast Club since coming home,Meek Mill referenced Kevin Gates as an innocent victim of the judicial system. Gates continues to rehabilitate himself to regular life, releasingChained To The City nearly a year after his prison stint.

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